Lies car Dealers tell to sell their Cars

Let me break something to you, car dealers lie! There you go I said it and it’s true. Purchasing a new car is a joyous occasion, but at the same time it can get the best of you too, you’re spending a large chunk of your savings and you are about to make a decision that you can’t easily undo. It’s easy to be stressed out when put into such a nerve racking situation.

To top it all, you can’t really trust dealers and manufacturers either because to be fair, they just want to meet their high sales goals rather than help you take home a bargain.  We will reveal some of the most blatant lies car dealers and manufacturers tell in order to make you purchase their car and how you may be able to overcome these issues by opting for parallel import:

  1. The car you inquired about is here

This is the biggest lie in the history of sales, you inquire in regards to a certain car and you’re apologetically told that the car is has been sold an hour later you randomly receive a phone call from the same dealer who has surprisingly all of a sudden managed to allocate the car, especially for you, putting you under pressure and in a situation where you believe that the salesmen just went through all that hassle for me how can I refuse to make the purchase now. Well, guess what the car was not specially ordered following your query, it had always been there. This is a pressure tactic to put you in a position where you believe that the salesperson went through so much hassle just for you, now you must repay them by making the purchase.

  1. “Limited time offer”

I bet you’ve heard this one before, where dealers tell you that this is a limited time offer, make your decision now. This is also a tactic used to refrain you from looking elsewhere or reconsidering the purchase, the fact of the matter is that these offers are never limited, in fact, this is what they say to all their customers in order to close the deal as soon as they can. However, in some situations they may be telling the truth, for example close to the end of the fiscal year car dealers want to get rid of their cars so they can bring in new models so they may actually be providing you a genuine deal but during the rest of the year they’re more likely to be using a sales technique.

  1. This is a non-negotiable price

Lies! This salesman is going to receive a commission based on the sale he makes, the more expensive he sells, the more money he/she makes, so this something inevitable, they will say this. It’s your job to nevertheless be persistent because to be honest selling a car at $22,000 or $21,000 won’t make a major difference to the dealer but it will hurt the car salesmen commission. This is why they will hurl you into believing that there is no room for negotiations.

  1. Your credit history is bad

Car dealers will often tell you a false score in order to lure you in order to make you purchase the high interest loan that they’re about to offer you, this may not always be true and it is important to consult a credit scoring company yourself, beforehand.


There are many tricks car dealers play in order to trap you in to making the purchase and that too immediately, car dealers have to pay rents, commissions, bills  and many other expenses this is why they’re trying to save as much money as they possibly can so the remain amount can accumulate to profit, parallel importers on the other hand hardly have any expenses and that’s why they can offer you a wider variety of cars at a better price such as the a MERCEDES BENZ parallel import is comparatively much cheaper than a dealer. Not only that some models of the Mercedes Benz UK Exporters may not even be available at the local dealers, parallel importers are able to provide cars that are otherwise rare and not easily available.

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